"A Win-Win Partnership - In helping you beat your competitors, we beat ours."



The Win Win Group started business in 1998 with Win Win Shipping (WWS) as a specialist isotank service provider. Our initial specialization was in isotanks, rental and shipment operations and an isotank shipping agency.

Since then, we have developed into specialist bulk liquid logistic service provider (LSP); advising clients on the best methodology of packing and transporting their bulk liquids, from isotanks to flexibags, totes and other containers.

Our distinguishing strength is offering clients a one stop LSP solution; from planning to organizing loading, shipping, documentation, permits, shipping, arrival arrangements and cargo discharge; even for large volume projects and contracts.

Group Companies

Win Win Shipping Pte Ltd (WWS) – isotank shipments, NVOCC and freight forwarding, project cargoes 
Win Win Bulk Solutions Pte Ltd (WWB) – flexitank shipments, bulk transfers 
Win Win Management (WWM) – equipment leasing, sales and management


Over our operating period, we have been able to provide a fuss free service to clients by resolving logistics and operational issues BEFORE it reaches the client.

We aim to offer the most value-competitive, service while respecting rules and adopting best practices, especially QHSE which are non-negotiable. In employing sub-service providers and engaging with counter parties, we use the same principles to deliver value.

We are honoured to be admitted as service providers to international companies whose stringent criteria have been fully met.